Revealed: The $77 Million Secrets Behind the Nation’s Fastest-Growing Orthodontic Practices

Learn How the Nation’s Top Orthodontists Attract,
Convert & Keep More Clients Month After Month

Learn How the Nation’s Top Orthodontists Attract, Convert & Keep More Clients Month After Month

Hi there, this is Luke and Justin at HIP.

If you’re reading this, it’s because we believe that you have the potential to be the top orthodontist in your market and find the financial and lifestyle success you’ve been searching for.

This letter is the first in a series of for-your-eyes-only memos that will give you an HD view inside the operations of multi-7-figure and 8-figure orthodontics firms. And show you the exact strategies working RIGHT NOW to help the nation’s fastest-growing practices close hundreds of patients per month.

Inside these memos, we’re going to pull back the curtain to give you the strategies, tactics, and lessons that have helped us create over $77 million of combined growth for our orthodontic partners over the past 8 years.

Discover the secrets that have transformed the business and lives of orthodontists— strategies that could help you to do things like:

  • Create exponential growth, not just once but year after year!
  • Work ONLY 3 to 4 days per week (while creating record profits)
  • Dominate your local market, hire more doctors, and open new locations
  • ​Book 3x more appointments without adding staff by putting lead follow-up on auto-pilot
  • ​Multiply lead conversion rates to explode the ROI on your marketing spend
  • ​Reclaim up to $1M in ‘lost’ production by plugging leaks in your sales process
Are those aggressive goals ☝️ ? You’re damn right they are!

But we’ve helped dozens of doctors achieve those results over the past few years. And we’ll show you exactly how we did it in this invite-only memo series.

Want the $77M Orthodontic Secrets?

What are these secrets? And where did we find them?

If you’re not familiar with us, HIP has been the official growth partner of the nation's top orthodontics practices since 2014.

We’ve helped dozens of practices add millions of dollars in new revenue and generated over $77 million of cumulative growth for our partners, folks like Fishbein Orthodontics, Dr. Jennifer Orthodontics, All Smiles Orthodontics, and about 100 more.

But we didn’t start out as orthodontics experts…

Justin and I (Luke) started HIP in 2014 as a “marketing company” serving clients in different industries.

But we knew we couldn’t serve orthodontists, jewelry stores, warehouses, and plastic surgeons all at once if we wanted to be successful. Instead, we needed to find something we were passionate about, dive into it, niche down, specialize and become experts at it.

And that’s when we connected to a fast-growing orthodontics client located in our hometown of Pensacola, Florida—Fishbein Orthodontics.
Working with Fishbein, we quickly saw the overwhelming impact we could make in the orthodontics space. So we dedicated ourselves to becoming the country’s #1 experts on orthodontics growth strategy.
We jumped in head-first. And over the past 5 years, we’ve systematically analyzed the operations of over 1,000+ orthodontic practices…

Talked to 1,000+ doctors, treatment coordinators, and front desk teams…

And worked with 100+ orthodontists on a day-to-day basis.

And what we uncovered contradicts most of what you’ve been told about growing your practice…

And it’s DEFINITELY nothing you learned in medical school.

Because despite what the marketing gurus and empty “pay-per-show” promises tell you, getting leads is actually the easy part of orthodontic growth.
What separates the TOP practices is what they do AFTER they get a lead— things like lead follow-up, customer service, scheduling, exam optimization, customer satisfaction, building an online reputation, and countless other small details.
So, while we continued to bring in low-cost/high-ROI leads for our clients, we shifted our focus from “a marketing company” to a full-service growth partner for ambitious orthodontists.

We took everything we’d learned and turned it into a framework to optimize the 3 areas of differentiation between successful and also-ran ortho practices:
  • Marketing
  • ​Training
  • Software
As we worked with our doctors, TCs, and front desk teams to develop, implement, and refine the framework, the results came fast and furious:
  • Wentz Orthodontics scheduled 61% MORE new consults across 9 locations!
  • Buda Orthodontics added 40 new starts in 60 days, while slashing their ad spend by 50%!
  • ​Cassinelli, Shanker, & Baker got a 780% ROI on over $300,000 in new patient starts in just 4 months!
  • ​Farina Orthodontics started 72 new patients in their first 3 months (During COVID)
  • And Sparkman Orthodontics begged us to TURN OFF THEIR ADS because all 3 of their doctors were 100% fully booked our for 6 weeks!
And it worked for startup practices too…
  • Dr. Kristen Knecht created $500k in the pipeline in just 6 months at her startup practice and quit her corporate job. And grew Knecht Orthodontics to $1.5M in just one year!
  • ​In just 3 months, LifeSmile Orthodontics grew from just 3 starts per month to twenty! And they continue to add more each month…
In order to create over $77M in sales growth, we’ve run thousands of tests, tried hundreds of strategies, and learned priceless lessons about what works and doesn’t work to scale orthodontics practices quickly.
Until now, the only way to get access to the lessons we’ve learned was to work with us directly—at a minimum commitment of $90,000 per year.

But today, you can get access to all of our best advice for just pennies…

Grow Your Practice With The $77 Million Orthodontics Secrets Memos

In this memo series, we’re going to pull back the curtain to show you EVERYTHING we’ve learned over the past 8 years about the systems, habits, and technology of the nation’s fastest-growing orthodontics practices.

And we’re going to give it all to you for almost free…

For just $5 per month— less than you tip your bartender for a couple of cocktails— you can get access to up-to-the-minute insights and time-tested strategies, some of which we’ve never revealed publicly before.

And we’ll keep you updated on emerging trends and winning tests, so you can roll out radically effective strategies months before your local competitors do.

If you’ll just cover the $5 cost of printing and shipping the memo, we'll send you a physical copy of this memo every single month.

“But Luke, why print a physical memo when you could do it online for free?”

Here’s the thing— because these memos are OFFLINE and INVITE ONLY, we can give you all of the tastiest details that we’ve held back in our online content, like…
  • The REAL lead conversion rates of the nation’s top ortho best practices
  • Strategies that slash your no-show rate and close more patients month after month
  • What the organizational chart of a $3M+ practice looks like (and which role you should hire NOW if you want to get there)
  • ​The TWO things 8-figure practices do to get a ‘YES’ before a patient leaves the office
  • ​The single operational tactic that boosts client satisfaction and keeps your schedule full
  • ​Facebook ad copy, concepts & targeting strategies that are getting results today (not last year)

Ready to stop hating on the ever-expanding doctor across town and discover the REAL difference between the best practices and everybody else?

But before we jump into all of those topics, let’s address the #1 factor that will determine your success or failure…

Do You Really WANT To Succeed?

Over the past few years, we’ve studied thousands of practices, talked to hundreds of doctors, and worked directly with many dozen orthodontists one-on-one.

And the ONE factor that all highly-successful practices have is a flexible yet determined growth MINDSET.
This isn’t some woo woo psychobabble…

We’re not going to ask you to sit in the corner and “manifest” triple-digit growth.

But if you don’t FULLY BELIEVE the business and life that you want is possible, it won’t be.

It’s much too easy to fail.

Or to tread water.

You’ll get caught up in your own narrative of mediocrity.

I can tell you that the orthodontists that build multi-location, 8-figure, market-dominating practices believe that they’ll be successful—100% of the time.

Because of that, they intentionally surround themselves with people who have experienced success to show them how it’s done and hold them accountable for making it happen.

There is no “done-for-you” miracle solution to building an ortho practice.

If you genuinely want to make changes in your business and life, you need to make the commitment and Do. The. Work.

So, if all of this sounds too good to be true…

If you don’t believe that you can replicate the success of the stories you read above, take your $5/month and hit happy hour at a local dive bar. But…

If you know that 3-day workweeks and million-dollar increases are in your future…

AND you’re willing to do what’s actually necessary to get there, like:
  • Responding to coaching without resistance
  • Implementing significant changes to your processes and procedures
  • Holding your team accountable for your success
  • Learning from the success & failure of those who have gone before you
  • And not letting your own EGO stand in the way of your success…
Then this memo should be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Think about it—if you make just one small tweak that lands you one extra patient per month, you’d be looking at something like a 62,000% return on investment…which is just silly.

And the TRUE VALUE of these strategies, tactics, and secrets we’ll give you lies in the millions of dollars per year…$77 million, to be exact!

But these memos won’t be worth the paper they’re printed on if you don’t have the mindset or the discipline to execute on what’s inside.

Are you ready to learn our biggest lessons from $77M of orthodontics growth?

Sign up right now for just $5 per month:

Exclusive! Coming next month in “The $77M Ortho Memos” Issue #1…

What does a world-class conversion rate look like?

(And the 2 changes to your consults that make 2x as many patients say ‘YES’ to treatment…before they leave your office!)

Have you ever wondered where your sales process breaks down?

Next month, we’ll take an in-depth look at the actual lead conversion rates of the fastest-growing ortho practices. (I’m giving you the numbers!) And reveal the exact techniques they use at each step to multiply starts and outgrow their competition.

You’re not going to want to miss the immediately actionable insights in this issue. But you’ll only be able to access it if you sign up at this link before we go to print…

Not sure if the $77M Memos are right for you? Please DON’T sign up if…

  • You don’t believe that “basically free” advice can actually grow your business. (Because if you don’t believe there’s value here, you’re never going to implement it.)
  • You believe that a “basically free” newsletter will solve all your problems without you having to put in any effort. (Our strategies only work if YOU work them)
  • You think that digital ads “don't work for us.” (If you do them right, they will. Digital ads are 100% necessary if you want exponential growth.)
  • You’re not willing to re-think your entire approach to marketing, lead management, sales, training, customer service, and software from the ground up, in order to implement the proven processes and procedures of the best practices in the country.
  • You secretly enjoy being the “underdog” orthodontist in your market, and you’re not sure you could handle being wildly successful like the Tesla-driving ortho across town.

If you ARE willing to put in the work and to commit to making BIG changes in how you run consultations, follow up with leads, and manage your business. Then these memos could help you realize your dreams of:

  • Creating exponential year-over-year revenue growth
  • Opening new locations and dominating your market
  • Focusing your energy on patient care instead of operations
  • Spending more days on the golf course + with family (while making more money)
Sign up now to get next month’s issue— on the conversion rates and closing strategies of the fast-growing practices— delivered to your office for just $5.

If you don’t LOVE it, you can cancel at any time. But we don’t think that will be a problem…
Talk to you next month,

Luke & Justin

Luke Infinger
Co-Founder & CEO

Justin Hual
Co-Founder & COO

NOTE: We will occasionally offer you an opportunity to work with us to help implement the strategies we discuss in the memos. But you don’t NEED our help to do the things we’ll talk about. Some practices will implement the strategies in the memos and see tremendous results. Others may want help to move faster and save themselves some work by engaging us directly. In either case, we believe there’s no chance you don’t get $5/month worth of value out of this newsletter. But if you don’t get the value (or you’re not implementing), you can cancel at any time!

DISCLAIMER: The revenue and growth figures referenced in this memo reflect the actual results of our agency and some of our clients. Please understand these results are not typical. There is no guarantee that you will replicate these results. If you don’t implement our strategies, there is zero chance you’ll see any benefit from these memos. And if you do implement the strategies, your results will vary based on many factors, like your background, experience, and work ethic. We make no promises about the actual results you will achieve as a result of joining the memo. If you are not fully aware of the risks, please do not sign up.
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